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Box of Fifty Blown Glass Eyes, around 1920
Case of 50 Articifical Eyes, c. 1900
Left Arm Prothesis with Gripping Tool
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French VECABE Dental Model
Antique Straight Jacket, USSR ca 1960
Bronze Hand Fragment, late 19th Century
Orthopedic Plaster Casts of Children between 1900 and 1930
Stock : 4
Model for the Dentistry, VECABE
Original wax sculpture from a skinned, between 1900 and 1930
Leather prosthetic arm with hook and ring, c. 1920
Ophtalmie stripe of Doctor Landolt, circa 1920
Box of 50 Blown Glass Eyes, Early 20th Century
Hand Prosthesis with Mechanical Joint, circa1920
Medical Armchair in Sheet Metal and Nickel Parts, circa 1930
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Ombredanne Model Anesthesia Mask Early 20th Century
Dentist Wall Lamp, circa 1920
Antique Straight Jacket, Circa 1900
Two 19th Century Medical Lithographies
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1900s Dentist Armchair
1925s Dentist Cabinet
Dr Benninghover & Sommer Eye Model - Circa 1880
Three-Wheeler Invalid Carriage, circa 1929
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Examination or Small Surgery Table
French Vecabe Dental Model
Dental Phantom c.1930
Three Glass Eyes in Their Storage Box
19th Century Forensic Medicine Set
Caned Wheelchair, C.1930
Case of 50 Articifical Eyes
Two Rare Pair of Artificial Legs, c.1920
orthopedic malformation plaster cast, early XXth
post-mortem examination tables, slate platter and cast iron base
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Orthopedic Appliance for Club Foot
child right arm prothesis
Dr Tarnier's forceps
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UV goggles
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corrective glasses with their case
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cinder goggles with their case
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children's UV goggles
glass eye in brass box
hearing aid in case, circa 1940
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hearing aid circa 1940
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XIXth century "surgery" engraving
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left arm prothesis, leather hand
enamel colours in box for dental prothesist
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Veedee vibratory massage appliance
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goggles circa 1850
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anti-headlight glasses ?LE HIBOU?
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speculum of Recamier, tin and ebony
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anatomical study skull circa 1890
Chasseur Alplin folding glasses
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cinder glasses
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stone carver goggles
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"dentist" plate out of painted porcelain
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enamelled plate "dental clinic"
plate "N.Leonce, midwife"
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2 club foot orthopedic shoes
prosthetic forearm with mechanical clamp
articulated wooden hand
orthopedic appliance, left leg
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