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Suspension Lights by Peter BEHRENS,circa 1930
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Two Large System Desk and Their Armchairs, XIXth Century
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'Holophane' Bronze Pendant Lamp
Anatomical Eye Model of Auzoux, circa 1880
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black, dumb terrestrial sphere
Anatomical Wax Model of Skull and Eye, between 1880 and 1900
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Bronze Hand Fragment, late 19th Century
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Orthopedic Plaster Casts of Children between 1900 and 1930
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Large Nineteenth Century Mahogany Studio Easel
19th Century Swivel Ocean Liner Chair
Scialytic Aluminium Suspension 1930
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Dr.Auzoux's Full Sized Human Anatomical Model
Model for the Dentistry, VECABE
Curious Pair of Shoes Called "Soles" Ardèche late 19th Century
Original wax sculpture from a skinned, between 1900 and 1930
Articulated Wall Lamp, circa 1930
19th Century Clothier Tables Theodore Scherf
Leather prosthetic arm with hook and ring, c. 1920
Two concrete original moldings of heads, circa 1930
Ophtalmie stripe of Doctor Landolt, circa 1920
Set of Two Glass and Brass Holophane Suspension, circa 1905
Late 19th Century Mastiff Collar so called "anti wolf"
19th Century Mahogany Desk Armchair
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Box of 50 Blown Glass Eyes, Early 20th Century
Large Bronze Holophane Pendant Light, circa 1900
Small Coffin Model between 1930 and 1950
Small Carved Wood Coffin, Work from a 1914-1918 WWI "Poilu"
Hand Prosthesis with Mechanical Joint, circa1920
Large ebonised wood table
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Large Atlas Puzzle Game, before 1867
Holophane Bronze Pendant Light, Beginning of the 20th Century
Shop Display in Oak, 1930s
Two 1890s Old Cemetery Crosses
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Two Skinned Anatomic Plaster Models after Houdon
Stock : 2
Metal Library Staircase, Beginning of the 20th Century
1930s Workshop Suspension Light
Large Advertising Thermometer, Over 1,50 Meters, Stephens'Inks, c. 1920
Large Bronze Marine Antenna
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Small Early 20th Century Brass Pendant Light
Small 1930 Medical Display
Brass Holophane Suspension Light, circa 1920
mall Pendant light in Brass and Glass circa 1930
Beginning of the 20th Century Mastiff Collar in Leather and Brass
Late 19th Century Mastiff Collar in Leather
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Folding Garden Furniture Set, beginning of the 20th Century
1930s School Pendant Light
Transformable shelves Beginning of the 20th Century
Small Late 19th Century Brass Gas Suspension
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Medical Armchair in Sheet Metal and Nickel Parts, circa 1930
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Three 1900s Printing Stands
Mastiff Dog Necklace Collier Late 19th Century
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Pair of Medical Pendant Lights, circa 1930
Brass Suspension Pendant Lamp, circa 1920
Wall shelf with racks by Théodore Scherf
Model head in Wax, around 1900s-1920s
Small Art Nouveau Period Living Room circa 1900
1950s Movie Theater Armchairs, From a Military Base
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1950s Movie Theater Armchairs, From a Military Base
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Ombredanne Model Anesthesia Mask Early 20th Century
Large 1900s Art Nouveau Suspension Light
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