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Large Gas Pendant Lights
Holophane Brass Pendant, circa 1920
PBL Scialytic Pendant, circa 1930
Pair of Copper Gas Pendant Lamp, c. 1880
Four Silver Mirrored Shade Pendant, Around 1930
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Gaz Pendant Light in Blue Enamelled Sheet, c.1880
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Pair of 1930s Brass Suspension Lights by Peter Behrens
Three Blown Silver Mercury Quilted Glass Pendants, c. 1920
Holophane Brass Pendant, circa 1920
Holophane Brass Pendant, circa 1920
PBL Scialytic Pendant, circa 1930
Suspension Light by Peter BEHRENS,circa 1930
Holophane Bronze Pendant Lamp c. 1920
Scialytic Aluminium Suspension 1930
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Articulated Wall Lamp, circa 1930
Set of Two Glass and Brass Holophane Suspension, circa 1905
Large Bronze Holophane Pendant Light, circa 1920
Holophane Bronze Pendant Light, Beginning of the 20th Century
1930s Workshop Suspension Light
Small Early 20th Century Brass Pendant Light
Brass Holophane Suspension Light, circa 1920
mall Pendant light in Brass and Glass circa 1930
1930s School Pendant Light
Small Late 19th Century Brass Gas Suspension
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Pair of Medical Pendant Lights, circa 1930
Brass Suspension Pendant Lamp, circa 1920
Large 1900s Art Nouveau Suspension Light
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Medical Desk Lamp, Charles Gamain, c. 1930
Gaz Pendant Light in Bronze - End of 19th Century
Brass Pendant light with a Glass Reflector circa 1920
1925s Sialytic Medical Wall Lamp
Brass and Nickel-Plated steel Desk Lamp
School Pendant Light, circa 1940
Small Art Deco Pendant Light, Signed JLRIN
Pair of 'Small Model' Holophane Pendant Lights
Pair of 1930's 'Emergency Exit' Theater Light Boxes
Gamain Medical Floor Lamp
Holophane brass pendant, large model
Large end of the 19th Century Tripod Petrol Table Lamp
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'Holophane' Brass Pendant Light circa 1920
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19th, Electrified Pressurized Gas Ceiling Light
'Holophane' Brass Pendant Lamp
crystal and brass ceiling light
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milk glass brass pendant
Philips enamelled iron workshop ceiling light
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'Holophane' Brass Pendant Light circa 1920
'Holophane' Brass Pendant Light circa 1920