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Five Crystal Models Limited Edition Collection
Twelve circa 1930 Crystallographic Didactic Models
Black Dumb Terrestrial Sphere
Large Advertising Thermometer, Over 1,50 Meters, Stephens'Inks, c. 1920
Large Bronze Marine Antenna
Wimshurt's Machine - End of 19th Century
Five circa 1900-1930 Crystallographic Models (no later than 1930)
copper and brass american diver helmet reproduction
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large geographical map of Europe of 1923
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World War II Gas Mask For Babies
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XIXth century world globe Delamarche
William Pepys gasometer, circa 1830
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microscope for entomology, late 1800's
Dr Landolt perimeter, manufactured by Luer
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XIXth century mechanical microtome
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small XIX century world globe