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Madame Tussaud Wax Head, XIXth Century Hand Prosthesis with Mechanical Joint, circa1920 Mastiff Dog Necklace Collier Late 19th Century Pedal Car - 1930d Craft Work Two 19th Century Medical Lithographies Bock Steger Lips Eye Model, circa 1880 Artificial Legs Three-Wheeler Invalid Carriage, circa 1929 Three Glass Eyes in Their Storage Box mortuary plaster casts circa 1845 Horse Skeleton, Museum Montage Bock-Steger anatomical head model, circa 1880 huge cathedral model articulated full size painter mannequin XIXth steam engine wood model conchology collection the medical college of Paris in 1904 by Adrien Barrre xylophone keyboard for sound effects of films, circa 1910 Thonet deckchair transistor's vacuum tubes of the thirties World War II gas mask for babies -1939 model of examination intended for the dentistry, VECABE Holophane brass pendent lamp auscultation glasses 2 orthopedics shoes clubfoot box of 50 glass artificial eyes

Embalming Set, circa 1850

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Pair of Wooden Folding...

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Three Blown Silver Mercury...

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Early XIXth Century Japan...

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