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Three Mortuary Plaster Casts

Three mortuary plaster casts of Jean-Baptiste SIREY:

- of the head from the front, marked at the base of the neck 'molded 48 hours after his death'
- of the back of the head
- of the right hand, marked 'molded five days after his death' (one finger reattached)

Presented in a wooden chest with black velvet lined interior and three shaped cells.

SIREY Jean-Baptiste, French jurist (1762-1845) is well known for his general laws and judgments collection writings published monthly since 1802 but also by Six Annotated Codes which continued to be published after his death under the Sirey Collection title.

Chest dimension: 57.5cm x 34.5cm x Height 36.5cm

Chest dimension: 57.5cm x 34.5cm x Height 36.5cm

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