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model of examination intended for the dentistry, VECABE

?VECABE - Patent n? 675 996 - SGDG - Model of examination intended for the dentistry - Patents in all the civilized countries - n?11079?

?This box contains a set on occlusor of jaws with its teeth which can be removed. This handling made by the expert with his patient allows to represent not only one sick or defective teeth due to the extraction of one or several teeth, but also healthy teeth or supplement after the disappearance of degradation?. Patent requested on May 31st 1929 in Paris By Mr. Walter K?HLER residing in Germany. The patent was delivered on November 18th, 1929 and was published on February 17th, 1930 According to the author, ?model VECABE wants to be to contribute to make known as it deserves it the modern dental prosthesis, to incite with new improvements and to present to the layman to which the various devices are explained by the dentist with assistance of the respective models, Dentistry and its Science arrived at a degree of high improvement.?

box, Height 9 cm, Lenght 26 cm and width 26 cm

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